IPA News-February 12, 2017

Welcome back to another installment of IPA News! Here’s what’s happening this week at the Imaginary Animal Association!

  • This month is Responsible Animal Guardian Month! Celebrate by adopting an Imaginary Pet on the IPA main site. To find out more, click here!
  • Skipper the Golden Retriever, one of the IPA’s newest arrivals, is still up for adoption, along many other animals. Find your perfect animal companion today at the IPA!
  • The IPA has officially adopted out over 1000 Imaginary Pets! Here’s to many, many more Imaginary Pets finding homes through the IPA!
  • “Adopt A Senior Pet Month” isn’t over yet! See the last post for details!
  • Don’t forget to check IPA News for announcements, stories, and new events, all about the IPA!

Come back next week for another installment of IPA News!


Guest Writer for the IPA and Owner of The Magical Animal Adoption Center


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