IPA News-Febrary 27th, 2017

Welcome back to IPA News! Here’s what’s new at the Imaginary Pet Association this week:

  • There is a new pet up for adoption at the IPA! Shade, a silkback bearded dragon, is now on the IPA main site! Go to the IPA site to find your new Imaginary Pet friend!
  • It is still Senior Month at the IPA! See the two previous posts for details!
  • The IPA will be taking it’s yearly break until the end of March. This means that no new Imaginary Pets will be shown on the IPA site until then, but adoption request will still be accepted, and IPA News will still be publishing a weekly news article!

That’s all for this week! Check back soon for more IPA News!


Guest Writer for the IPA and Owner of The Magical Animal Adoption Center!


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