Welcome to IPA News! (Volume I)

Welcome to IPA News! As most of you probably know, the IPA is an adoption site dedicated to the rescue and adoption of Imaginary Animals! IPA News will give accounts of these rescues, and tell of new happening at the IPA!

This week’s news!:

  • The IPA has recently introduced a flock of parrots to their aviary, where they are now living happily. Those who are suitable will soon be put up for adoption, so keep your eyes peeled!
  • The IPA has just installed a new fence around the shelter to keep the animals safe and happy. This way, each pet is allowed more freedom and, of course, space to play!
  • The IPA is currently planting a large garden near the shelter. Filled with various trees, flowers, vegetables ,and fruit alike, it is sure to be home to many types of birds and insects, and will be made a place for IPA animals to relax.
  • It is senior week at the IPA! Any Imaginary Pet over seven years of age can be adopted without the filling out of adoption forms! Just send an e-mail to imaginary.pets.association@gmail.com with the details of your perfect pet so they can match you up with one! See the IPA main site for details!
  • There are always new Imaginary Pets looking for a home at the IPA. Check out the main site to find your new friend!


That’s all for today. Check back next week for another installment of IPA News!

-Dr. L.E. Evezan

Guest Writer for The IPA and Owner of The Magical Animal Adoption Center